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BMR Nubian Goats are 100% CAE Free, CL Free, and G6S Normal

Click here to place a deposit or payment. Be sure to discuss your selection with Kathryn first. Please contact Kathryn or call (928) 536-7759 for more information.

During kidding season updates to this page will be made as time permits, but occasionally kids listed for sale may already be sold.

The prices on our Kidding Schedule are for pre-reserved kids.  Prices for kids listed on this For Sale Page may be higher.

For Sale

Purebred Nubian Kids

We expect to have more kids born than we have reservations for. We will list those kids here, but their prices may be higher than for the reserved kids. We are still taking reservations at this time. Please check out our kidding schedule.

Here are some pictures of a few of our kids from previous years.

Our herd is CAE negative, G6S Normal, and free of CL, and Mycoplasma.  All the goats carry a double high allele for the cheese making casein protein. Please contact Kathryn or call (928) 536-7759 for more information.

Price range is $350 - $600 each, with ADGA registration application.

For Sale

Registered Dexter Bull


Boone is a registered Dexter bull. He is not aggressive with people and is very protective of his herd. Boone is not tame, but accepts being worked around. He is naturally polled and throws black and dun/red.

Dexters are hardy, heritage breed, dual purpose (meat and milk) cows.

Price: $1500

Please contact Kathryn or call (928) 536-7759 for more information.

Please check out our kidding schedule.

Goat Sales

Prices and Policies

We offer fine Nubian Kids and Goats for sale from time to time. All of our Nubians are purebred and can be sold registered.

Goat Sales Prices
  • Registered Does and Bucks $400 and up
  • Doe Kids and Buck Kids with Registration Application $300 and up
    (10% Discount on purchases of 5 or more kids from this category)
  • Unregistered Bucks $200 and up
  • Wethers $100 and up
Goat Sales Policies

We require a $100 deposit per reserved kid with the balance due within 7 days of the birth of the kid. If payment is not received within that time the buyer will forfeit their deposit money. Prices for reserved kids are for kids picked up by 3 weeks of age. After 3 weeks of age reserved kids will incur an additional $7.00 per day boarding charge. This is due to the cost of feeding the kids our pure fresh goat milk (instead of us being able to make cheese from the milk). While all reasonable care is taken to ensure the health and safety of the kids, Black Mesa Ranch will not be responsible for sickness or death of a reserved kid after it is three weeks old.

Deposits are refunded if your choice of kid is not born or if the kid is not up to our standards of quality. Deposits will not be refunded on cancelled orders. Refunds on deposits paid by credit card may incur a transaction fee. We will honor all reservations for kids to the best of our ability, however we do reserve the right to retain any kid as a replacement in our breeding program.

All goats are guaranteed free of CAE, CL, Brucellosis, and Mycoplasma. They are also all G6S Normal and carry the double high casein protein gene for better cheese making. All of our kids are sold disbudded. Any kids purchased as wethers will be castrated (banded) before leaving the property unless other arrangements are made and a refundable deposit given. There is a $20 fee for any replacement registration paperwork.

We prefer all kids and goats to be picked up at the ranch though other arrangements can be made.

Airport runs by BMR for shipping kids by air are $200 due to the 10 hour round trip required. Buyers wanting to fly their kids are also responsible for having an appropriate shipping crate delivered to the ranch at least one week prior to ship date, and for reserving the flight (Flight Schedule must be approved by BMR first). Buyer is responsible for the cost of the flight, the crate, the health certificate, and the airport run.

If you are interested in buying a goat, please contact us for availability (or to be put on our waiting list) by emailing Kathryn or calling (928) 536-7759.

Sale prices, terms and conditions subject to change prior to sale confirmation.

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