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3 year old Gideon (above)


2 year old Gideon (3 pictures above)

Black Mesa Gideon *B (Gideon)
Born 3/16/13

 ADGA # PN1644437

 CAE Status: Negative

G6S Status: Normal

Tested A/B for Alpha s1 Casein

Linear Appraisal Score:
86 V+E at 3 years old
91 EVE at 4 years old

Summer 2017: 

Once again we had Gideon appraised and he did even better than last year, scoring as Excellent overall.  He is growing into a mighty fine buck.  Gideon is gentle and friendly and his offspring are sure looking fine.   

Summer 2016: 

We finally were able to get Gideon appraised this year. He scored Very Good in all structural categories with the exception of having an Excellent head. He is a good looking fella. We are thrilled to have him here and look forward to seeing how his daughters mature.

Summer 2015: 

Gideon was sold as a kid but last year he came back to BMR due to his new owners downsizing their herd. We are thrilled to have him back. He is a stylish, well built fella with great ears and a wonderful, gentle personality.

Gideon's littlermate sister has now earned her Superior Genetics title.

Sire:  SG Goldthwaite Exotic Affair  *B, 86 VAV,  ADGA Sire Development Program Buck       

SS:  SG Goldthwaite Bootonniere +*B, 90 VEE,  Elite Sire

SSS: Goldthwaite Blue Ridge  +*B           

SSD: SG Goldthwaite Mayaloka  5*M,   84 ++V+

SD: SGCH  Goldthwaite Exotic Dancer 2*M,  90 VVVE

SDS: SG  Goldthwaite Merlin  ++*B, 89 EVV

SDD: SG  Goldthwaite Exotica 1*M, 88 VVEV

Dam: SG Black Mesa Spring Thyme 10*M, 88 VVEV Elite Doe

DS: SG Six M Galaxy Make a Big Splash +*B,   84 ++V, Elite Sire, INBA Outstanding Sire Award

DSS: Six M Galaxy Leonardo *B,   2006 ADGA Sire Development Program Qualified Buck

DSD: SG Six M Galaxy Isabelle Darlene  11*M,  88 EVEV  2008 Elite Doe - 99%

DD: SG Black Mesa Edie's Cinnamon 9*M, 90 EEEV, 2007 Elite Doe-96%

DDS: SG Ragels Ziegenhof Guajillo  +B

DDD: SG Reuel Esther’s JJ Edie  8*M, 84 V+E+

Gideon as a baby (3 pictures above)

Gideon as a yearling (above)

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