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2 year old Roscoe (above)


Roscoe as a yearling (2 pics above and 2 pics below)

Black Mesa Rosco Arbuckle (Roscoe) *B
Born 3/6/14

ADGA # PN1672603

CAE Status: Negative

G6S Status: Normal

Tested A/B for Alpha s1 Casein

Semen available
$100 for 5 straws

Linear Appraisal Score:
86 V+V as a yearling
87 VVE as a 2 year old
88 VVE at 3 years old

Summer 2017:

Roscoe is a big guy, friendly and easy going.  His daughters are doing well, appraising well, and producing high quality milk from udders that score as Excellent.  What more could you want? Oh yeah, he also throws spots.   

Summer 2016:

Roscoe continues to excite us! He is maturing beautifully and his offspring are lovely and productive. This fella is going to be a powerhouse and do great things for our herd.

Summer 2015:

Roscoe has exceeded our expectations! He is growing into a very powerful, elegant, good-natured buck. His kids this year are looking great and we are excited to see how they freshen next year.

Summer 2014:

We were delighted when Marlyn kidded with a buck for us to keep!  Roscoe is long and dairy with a lovely rear escutcheon and hock set.  We are very excited to have him join our herd.  He seems pretty delighted with the arrangement also.   

Sire: SG Six M Galaxy Make a Big Splash +*B,   84 ++V, Elite Sire, INBA Outstanding Sire Award

SS: Six M Galaxy Leonardo *B,   2006 ADGA Sire Development Program Qualified Buck

SSS: SG Six-M-Galaxy Galileo  +*B

SSD: SG Six-M-Galaxy Red Sunrise  14*M,  88 VEEV,  2008 Elite Doe - 99%, 2007 Top Ten Breed Leader in Milk and Protein

SD: SG Six M Galaxy Isabelle Darlene  11*M,  88 EVEV,  2008 Elite Doe - 99%

SDS: Six M Galaxy Desmond  +*B,  87 VVE

SDD: SG Six-M-Galaxy Galina Darlene  10*M,  90 EEEV, Elite Doe, 2003 Top Ten Breed Leader in Milk and Protein

Dam: SG Jacobs Pride Marlyn Mondoe 10*M, 91 EEEE

DS: SG Jacobs Pride Star Dancer  *+B 87 VEV,  Sire of the 2005 National Jr. Champion

DSS:  SG Crown*Point Edens Cloud Dancer +*B

DSD:  SGCH Jacobs Pride Bernice 7*M

DD: SGCH Jacob's Pride Blonde Bombshell  9*M, 91 EEEE, Dam of the 2005 National Jr. Champion

DDS: SG Kastdemur's De Exhibitionist +*B, 90 EEV

DDD: SGCH Jacobs Pride Rock Crystal 8*M   90 EVEE

Roscoe at 4 months old (3 pictures above)


Newborn Roscoe

The Goats At BMR

Senior Does


Junior Does