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3 year old Alchemy (above and below)

2 year old Alchemy (above and below)

Yearling Kimmy

SG Witch Hazel Magic Alchemy (Kimmy) 2*M
Born: 4/27/12

 ADGA # PN1606540

 CAE Status: Negative

 G6S Status: Normal

Tested B/B for Alpha s1 Casein

ADGA Superior Genetics Award

 Linear Appraisal Score:
87 VEVV at 2 years old
89 VAEE at 3 years old
84 +AEV at 5 years old

International Nubian Breeders Awards (INBA)
INBA Bronze Milk Certificate (2015)
INBA Bronze Milk Certificate (2016 - Pro)
INBA Silver Milk Certificate (2017 - BF)
INBA Bronze Milk Certificate (2017 - Pro)

DHIR Milk Test Results:
Year Age Days in Milk Milk Lbs. Daily Milk Avg Fat Lbs. Fat % Pro Lbs. Pro %
2013 1-00 244 1610 6.6 66 4.1 64 4.0
2014 1-10 297 2420 8.2 98 4.1 96 4.0
2015 2-11 282 2260 8.0 113 5.0 90 3.8
2016 3-10 298 2110 7.1 122 5.8 86 4.1
2017 4-10 214 1334 6.2 71 5.3 53 4.0
2017 Lactation Is Now Finished

Summer 2016:

We are not sure what happened to Alchemy this spring but she started limping badly on a front foot. She is a tough girl, though, and continues to come up the stairs to the milking parlor and jump onto her stand. Her milk production isn't as good as it would have been if she was moving better, but Kimmy is still doing a great job. We appreciate Kimmy's work ethic and a glad that her leg seems to be improving.

Summer 2015:

Kimmy is one of our best milkers and often wins our twice daily milking parlor competition. She milks out quickly from a gorgeous udder with teats that are plumb and well set.

I got my wish and was able to keep a Kimmy doeling this year. We are looking forward to watching her grow and become as productive as her mom.

Alchemy has now earned her Superior Genetics title.

Summer 2014:

It was no surprise that Kimmy scored well on her linear appraisal.  She is a lovely, productive doe that is a pleasure to work with.  Kimmy kidded with triplet doelings this year and I was planning on keeping one – but somehow the reservations got mixed up and all three girls headed to new homes.  I sure plan on keeping one next year!    

Summer 2013:

Kimmy still has a lot of growing and maturing to do, but that isn't stopping her from being a valued member of our milking team.  She has a lovely udder with very well placed teats.  She milks out easily and really enjoys her time in the milking parlor.

 Spring 2012:

The good folks at Witch Hazel Dairy were kind enough to let us bring one of their lovely doelings into our herd. 

Witch Hazel Dairy's Herd Queen M's Sagebrush ZAP Sarina did a great job of kidding with twin doelings.  Sarina's ancestry goes back to some of the same great herds that we started our herd with many years ago.  We are glad to get the chance to reincorporate those genetics.  The kids were sired by Black Mesa Magic Nebula.  We are excited to have this beautiful girl join our herd.

 Thanks so much, Hazel.  We'll take good care of her.

Sire: Black Mesa Magic Nebula *B,   86 V+V, ADGA Sire Development Program Qualified Buck

SS: SG Six M Galaxy Make a Big Splash +*B,  84 ++V

SSS: Six M Galaxy Leonardo *B,   2006 ADGA Sire Development Program Qualified Buck

 SSD:SG Six M Galaxy Isabelle Darlene  11*M,  88 EVEV,  2008 Elite Doe - 99%

SD:SG Black Mesa Edie's Cinnamon 9*M, 90 EEEV, 2007 Elite Doe-96%

SDS: SG Ragels Ziegenhof Guajillo  +B

SDD: SG Reuel Esther’s JJ Edie  8*M, 84 V+E+

Dam:  SG M's Sagebrush ZAP Sarina 1*M,  90 EEEE

DS: Wingwood Farm TY Zapata +*B

DSS: SG Wingwood Farm KR Tuscany  +*B, Elite Sire

DSD: SGCH Wingwood Farm KR LA Linda 3*M,  91 EEEE

DD: M's Sagebrush Katero Sabrina

DDS: M's Sagebrush SDGV Katero

DDD: SG Carousel's Savannah 87 +VVE


 Kim at 3 months old (3 pics above)


 Yearling udder

Baby Kimmy