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Black Mesa Brittany S'Doe (Brittany)
Born 3/5/15

ADGA# PN1749612

CAE Status: Negative

G6S Status: Normal

Tested A/B for Alpha s1 Casein

Linear Appraisal Score:
Not appraised yet

DHIR Milk Test Results:
Year Age Days in Milk Milk Lbs. Daily Milk Avg Fat Lbs. Fat % Pro Lbs. Pro %
2016 Lactation is now in progress

Summer 2016:

Brittany surprised us by actually being pregnant when we didn't think she was. She kidded with twins this spring and is doing a great job in the milking parlor. Her udder is very tightly attached and capacious with a lovely fore udder and wide escutcheon. She is a big doe with incredible length and depth. We are thrilled to have her on our milking team.

Brittany has earned both our BMR BFF award and our BMR Best Surprise award! That makes her the first doe to ever win both awards. I suspect she will keep making us proud of her for many years to come.

Summer 2015:

Brittany is the last kid that our lovely Marlyn will have due to Marlyn's retirement this year. Marlyn had a great career - earning her Superior Genetics title, scoring as Excellent on linear appraisal (91 EEEE), and receiveing at least 8 INBA awards. Hmm, expecting Brittany to follow in those hoof prints is a lot to ask of her, but I think she will be up to the task.

Sire: Black Mesa Benny’s River Rock *B, 86 VVE

SS: SG Lakeshore-Farms Mr. Bentley *+B, 91 EEE,   Elite Buck

SSS: SG Kastdemur's Final Justice ++*B,  90 EEE

SSD: Lakeshore-Farms BMW 1*M,  90 VEEE

SD: SG Black Mesa Flash Flood's River  10*M,  90 V+EE

SDS: SG Reuel Rhesa's JJ Rio Grande ++*B, 90 EVE, Elite Buck, INBA Outstanding Sire

SDD:  SG Black Mesa Flash Flood 9*M, 91 EVEV

 Dam: SG Jacobs Pride Marlyn Mondoe 10*M, 91 EEEE, Multiple INBA Awards

DS: SG Jacobs Pride Star Dancer  *+B, 87 VEV,  Sire of the 2005 National Jr. Champion

DSS:  SG Crown*Point Edens Cloud Dancer +*B

DSD:  SGCH Jacobs Pride Bernice 7*M

DD: SGCH Jacob's Pride Blonde Bombshell  9*M, 91 EEEE, Dam of the 2005 National Jr. Champion

DDS: SG Kastdemur's De Exhibitionist +*B, 90 EEV

DDD: SGCH Jacobs Pride Rock Crystal 8*M   90 EVEE

Newborn Brittany

Brittany at 6 months old (above and below) 

Yearling Brittany helping to promote Local First Arizona