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Kestrel as a 3 year old (above)

2 year old Kestrel (above)

Young Kestrel above and below

SG Reuel Kona's EXP Kestrel (Kess) 2*M
Born 4/17/12

ADGA #PN1598710

 CAE Status: Negative

G6S Status: Normal

ADGA Superior Genetics Award

Linear Appraisal Score: 
87 VVVV at one year old
88 VVVV at 2 years old
84 ++EV at 3 years old
87 VVEV at 5 years old

DHIR Milk Test Results:
Year Age Days in Milk Milk Lbs. Daily Milk Avg Fat Lbs. Fat % Pro Lbs. Pro %
2013 1-00 268 1290 4.8 70 5.4 51 4
2014 2-01 203 1400 6.9 80 5.7 50 3.6
2015 2-11 275 2100 7.6 103 4.9 79 3.8
2017 4-10 248 1968 7.9 99 5.0 77 3.9
2017 Lactation Is Now Finished

Spring 2017:

Kestrel spent the last year at another ranch where she was treated royally. She kidded there with triplet doelings. Now she is back at work here at BMR. We are glad to have her back.

Summer 2015:

Kestrel has integrated into our herd quite nicely. However she kidded with twin bucklings even though I really wanted a doeling from her. The bucklings were stunning and I would have loved to keep one of them, but just couldn't justify keeping another fella. Maybe next year Kestrel will give me an equally stunning doeling.

Fall 2014:

Kestrel comes to us from Reuel Dairy in Washington State. She is a very outgoing girl with a lovely mammary. She loves attention, and animal crackers.

Sire: SG Kastdemur's Expressway ++*B, 91 EEE

SS:SG Kastdemur's Le Exacta ++*B, 90 EVE

SSS: GCH Kastdemur's MPR Liaison ++*B, 91 EEE

SSD: Kastdemur's CPE No Excuses 4*M

SD: SGCH Kastdemur's Next Exit 5*M, 90 +EEE

SDS: SG Kastdemur's LH Full Service ++*B, 91 EEE

SDD: Kastdemur's CPE No Explanation 4*M, 84 VVE+

Dam: Reuel Espresso's SIR Kona 1*M, 90 VEEE

DS: SG Reuel Zephyr's JJ Sirocco +*B, 88 VEE

DSS: Reuel Rufus' J.J. Ryan ++*B

DSD: SGCH Reuel Zina's J.J. Zephyr 9*M, 90 VEEE

DD: Reuel Latte's EXP Espresso

DDS: SG Kastdemur's Expressway ++*B, 91 EEE

DDD: Reuel Joy's J.J. Jubilatte 7*M

Newborn Kestrel (above)

Kona 90 VEEE, Kestrel's mom (above and below)