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3 year old Liberty - not in milk


Yearling Liberty at Linear Appraisal (4 pics above)


Liberty Rose checks out some visitors

Black Mesa Liberty Rose (Liberty) 5*M
Born 3/8/11

ADGA # PN1581973

CAE Status: Negative
G6S Status: Normal

Tested A/B for Alpha s1 Casein

Linear Appraisal Score:
85 VVV+ at 1 year old
87 VVEV at 3 years old

International Nubian Breeders Awards (INBA)
INBA Bronze Milk Certificate (2014)

DHIR Milk Test Results:

Year Age Days in Milk Milk Lbs. Daily Milk Avg Fat Lbs. Fat % Protein lbs. Protein %
2012 1-01 241 1270 5.3 52 4.1 47 3.7
2013 2-00 300 2110 7.0 83 3.9 81 3.8
2016 4-10 129 630 4.9 34 5.4 22 3.5
2016 Lactation Now In Progress

Summer 2015:
Once again Liberty didn't kid for us. I'm really bummed about that but I love this girl so much that I'll give her another chance. She has so many qualities that I want in my goats. However, she really does need to get to work!

Summer 2014:
Liberty Rose thought that she was pregnant this year, and so did we.  However, when she “kidded” – there were no kids!  She had a Cloudburst pregnancy (false pregnancy).  Her milk didn’t come in so Liberty got the year off.  We’ll try again this fall to get her bred successfully so that she can join the milking team again.

Summer 2013:
Liberty makes us laugh.  She is still on the small side, but she doesn't seem to know that.  She goes about her business like a big girl.  She loves to come in for milking, but once she is milked out she wants to head outside and play with her friends.  She has a lovely rear udder arch and, even though her teats are placed to the outside they are plumb and easy to milk.

Summer 2012:
Liberty Rose was the first born of quadruplets.  She was a dainty girl, weighing only 5.6#.  Liberty is still on the small side, but growing very well and looking great.  She is very enthusiastic about getting milked and will jump from stand to stand until finally arriving at her place at the end of the line.

Summer 2011:
Liberty Rose is about the sweetest doeling around.  She is going to be a lot like her mom, Rosie, which is just fine with us.  Easy going, productive, and beautiful.  Liberty Rose has great breed character and is very dairy.  We are very excited to have another Rosie daughter joining our team.

Sire: Jacobs Pride Show Me Zanzibar +*B, 90 EEV

SS: SG Jacob's Pride Rock Show *B,  VEE 89   

SSS: SGCH Will-O'-The-Wisp Red Rock +B, VEE 90, INBA 1997 Res. All American & INBA 1998 ALL AMERICAN)

SSSS:  Amberwood Settin' The Style *B

SSSD:  Will O The Wisp Gilded Lily

SSD: SGCH Tawa's Tessa 1*M, EEEE 91, TOP TEN #2 milk #9 p/s

SSDS:  SG Crown Point Edens Cloud Dancer *+B

SSDD:  Tawa's Gloria Vanderbilt

SD: SG Jacobs Pride Rocks Zan 8*M, EEEE 92,  05' USDA-DHIR Elite Doe - 96%, 07' USDA-DHIR Elite Doe - 97%, 04' TOP TEN in butterfat

SDS: SGCH Will O The Wisp Red Rock +B, VEE 90, INBA 1997 Res. All American & INBA 1998 ALL AMERICAN

SDSS: Amberwood Settin' The Style *B  

SDSD: Will O The Wisp Gilded Lily    

SDD: SGCH Jacobs Pride Damara 7*M, 89 VVVE,  05' USDA-DHIR Elite Doe - 98%,  01' TOP TEN in milk & protein

SDDS: SG Homestead Golden Opportunity          

SDDD: SG Six M Galaxy Princess Jazmin 6*M, 99' & 01' TOP TEN Breed Leader in milk

Dam: Black Mesa Cory's Rosemary 4*M, 91 EEEE

DS: M's Sagebrush SDGV Aragon +B

DSS: Show-Down Granac's Vindicator *B

DSSS:  Fra-Jac's Gay Grady ++*B

DSSD:  GCH Show-Down Nacona Dancer 1*M

DSD:  Blue Thunder Aurora

DSDS:  *S Anin's Vagabond 2E CGS 

DSDD:  GCH Blue Thunder Ace Ashley CGS 

DD: SG Black Mesa Coriander 3*M, 89 VEVV, Three Time Top Ten Breed Leader, 2004 BMR Best First Freshener, INBA Outstanding Dam Award, INBA Premier Dam Award

DDS: SG Ragels Ziegenhof Guajillo  +B

DDSS:  The Blue Thunder Tundra

DDSD:  Sunny-Haven Silkie

DDD:  Ragels Ziegenhof Angel  2*M

DDDS:  La-Homa DTC Mountain Tesoro *B  

DDDD:Rio-Pirata Casino's Faro (Trudy)  1*M

Liberty at 4 months old (3 pics above)


Newborn Liberty (3 pics above)