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Rosalee as a 2 year old (4 pictures above)

Rosalee as a yearling (4 pictures above)

SG Black Mesa Rosalee Tyler (Rosalee) 6*M
Born 2/28/13

ADGA # PN1645523

CAE Status: Negative

G6S Status: Normal

Alpha s1 Casein A/A, A/B, or B/B by pedigree

ADGA Superior Genetics Award

Linear Appraisal Score:
86 VVVV as a yearling
87 VVVV at 2 years old

DHIR Milk Test Results:
Year Age Days in Milk Milk Lbs. Daily Milk Avg Fat Lbs. Fat % Pro Lbs. Pro %
2014 1-00 305 1810 5.9 72 4.0 65 3.6
2014Extended 357 2050 5.7 83 4.0 75 3.7
2015 2-01 265 1640 6.2 76 4.6 62 3.8
2016 3-00 34 320 9.4 19 6.0 12 3.8
2016 Lactation Is Now Complete

Summer 2016:

It was a very sad day when we lost Rosalee. She had spiked a very high fever the day before and even though we treated her symptoms aggressively, she passed away. It was a great shock to everyone. We will miss that big, 'ol gal.

Summer 2015:

Rosalee is a big, powerful milker. She is a favorite in the milking parlor and fun to hang out with. We are really pleased with how she is maturing.

Summer 2014:

Rosalee is growing into a fine, productive doe.  She is maturing well, milking great, and it looks like she will be a big asset to our herd.  We are very excited about her and so glad to have her littermate brother, Boeshane, as one of our herd sires.

Rosalee has earned her Superior Genetics title already!

Summer 2013:

We are so happy to have Rosalee in our herd!  She is a very exciting blending of our wonderful boy, Rio, with ultra productive and beautiful Rose Tyler.   This should prove to be a great combination.  So we are patiently waiting for Rosalee to grow up.  In the mean time she is fun to watch as she plays with her friends and tries to mimic or harass the big goats.

Sire: SG Reuel Rhesa's JJ Rio Grande ++*B, 90 EVE, Elite Buck, INBA Outstanding Sire

SS: SGCH Ladies Blue CMD Jesse James ++*B

SSS: Ladies-Blue Cat-Man-Doo ++*B 

SSSS: GCH H. Homestead Catalyst ++*B

SSSD: Ladies Blue Wicked Figure 5*M

SSD: GCH Ladies Blue Smooth Trish 3*M, 90 EEEE

SSDS: H. Homestead Smooth Blend ++*B

SSDD: Ladies Blue BlackLilly 2*M                                  

SD: SG Reuel Rufus’ Royal Rhesa 2*M, 90 EEEV

SDS: GCH Price o the Field Royal Marcus  +B,  93 EEE

SDSS: CH Price o the Field Monarch 90 EEE

SDSD: SGCH Price o the Field Lady Regina 1*M,  92 EEEE

SDD: GCH Reuel Valentine’s J Rufus 1*M

 SDDS: GCH Reuel MS Image Jonathan’s Image +*B     

SDDD: Reuel Shula’s Regal Valentine

Dam:SG Black Mesa Rose Tyler 5*M, 90 EVEE

DS: SG Reuel Miriam's EXP Marconi +*B, 91 EEE,  Elite Sire

DSS: SG Kastdemur's Expressway  +B, 91 EEE, Elite Sire

DSSS: SG Kastdemur's Le Exacta +*B, EVE 90

DSSD: SGCH Kastdemur's Next Exit +EEE 90

DSD: SGCH Reuel Mei Tu's J.J. Miriam  2*M, EEEE 91,  2005 Top Ten for Butterfat

DSDS: SGCH Ladies Blue CMD Jesse James ++*B

DSDD: Kastdemur's EJ Mei Tu 1*M

DD: Black Mesa Cory's Rosemary 4*M, 91 EEEE

DDS: M's Sagebrush SDGV Aragon +B

DDSS: Show-Down Granac's Vindicator *B

DDSD:  Blue Thunder Aurora

DDD: SG Black Mesa Coriander 3*M, 89 VEVV, Three Time Top Ten Breed Leader, 2004 BMR Best First Freshener, INBA Outstanding Dam Award, INBA Premier Dam Award

DDDS: SG Ragels Ziegenhof Guajillo  +B

DDDD:  Ragels Ziegenhof Angel  2*M

Newborn Rose


Rosalee at 3 months old (3 pictures above)

Rosalee at 6 months old