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When we decided to get a buck goat for use with our herd we knew we would have to build another paddock area for him.  Planning for possible future growth of the herd we laid out a 30'x70' yard near the girls' yard and fenced it with tall, heavy-gauge field fencing.  We then set about designing a suitable structure  We ended up with one that incorporated a 5'x10' hay/feed room, a 7'x10' stall area and a 4'x10' multi-purpose room to be used as a kids pen but which could also be used for many other things.

We are fortunate to live where there is unlimited good sand and gravel to be had for the digging so all our concrete work was very inexpensive to do.  The framing lumber and sheathing were all new but we were able to use some metal roofing material we found on the property to cover the 20'X12" area nicely without having to buy any.

Here are some pictures of the process...

1. Lay-out, digging, and formwork (Bosco helps?).


2. Concrete work: pouring the slabs, footers, and stem walls.


3. The framing work goes fast and well.


4. Roof is on. Work continues sheathing, painting, and building the doors.


5. Making and installing the hardware, and the finished project.

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