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Once we had decided that we wanted to add goats to our operation, for milk and meat, we struggled with where we were going to put them and how we were going to house them.  As we were reviewing our options we remembered an old 40' travel trailer, parked by the barn that had come with the property.  We had assumed that we would eventually be trashing the thing, maybe salvaging some parts for various projects.  After a day of mucking it out (the condition inside was bad beyond description) we found that it might make an OK goat house.  The next problem was how to get it the 1/2 mile to the location we had chosen for the goat area.  To our great surprise the tires held air and after a bit of digging out with the tractor and knocking out some support piers and cutting some utility connections we were able to hook it up to our 4WD Ford pick-up and drive off with it!

Once positioned at the animal compound, near the Chicken/Rabbit house it was just a matter of renovating it for it's new use with a milking room, washroom, feed storage room and stables, then fencing a good sized area (40'x80') for the goats.  We also added a large rock pile in the pen for the goats to play on and a few big old dead tree branches for them as well.

Once done, we painted it to blend with the surroundings, goat-proofed the windows with heavy screening and ran water and electric to it for convenience.  We've also installed a small demand LP gas water heater,  finished the washroom and added a manual grain-grinding station to the feed room..

Here are some pictures of the process...

The old trailer as we found it - trashed.
It's ROLLING!! Can you even believe it? Quick take a picture!
Building the stalls, feed room,window guards, and milking parlor.

Painted and ramps in place, our first two goats check out their new digs.

This was our first milking parlor.

Grain storage room.

The wash room, complete with hot running water!

After many useful years, in 2009 we say good-bye to the old trailer.

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